Dr. Jennifer Luis ND

Longevity Programs

Longevity and living optimally is achievable! Treatment of ailments and prevention of new conditions or declining health will slow down the aging process. A specially designed program to delve deep into optimal health looks at multiple facets, with hormonal balance and digestive health being the foundations.

Hormone Health Program

* Inquire for pricing details

This is the ultimate investigation and individualized approach to wellness. The endocrine system is complex and gives rise to mood, body weight, mental health, skin and hair quality, energy and more.

Details of the program include:

  • A detailed 1-hour long initial visit to review current and past health
  • Full 45 minute physical head-to-toe exam and for women a PAP test, breast exam and referral for mammography if required
  • Initial laboratory testing:
    • Dried urine hormone testing (DUTCH test) with salivary cortisol
    • Advanced thyroid test which includes 6 markers of thyroid health
    • Enhanced healthy living profile blood work (liver, kidney, iron, Vitamin D, insulin, blood clot markers, white and red blood cells, electrolytes, inflammatory markers, lipids and cholesterol) 
  • Additional 2 more hour-long appointments to review results, begin treatment and monitor responses
  • Re-test of hormones with saliva or urine after 6 months with a 45 minute follow-up appointment

***Additional costs may apply if extra appointments are required.

Digestion Health Program

* Inquire for pricing details

As an addition to the hormone health program, complete digestive analysis will round out the areas that contribute to optimal well-being. This program can be a stand-alone for those focused solely on digestion.

Details of the program include:

  • 1 hour initial visit in addition to a full head-to-toe physical exam 
  • Initial laboratory testing:
    • SIBO breath test
    • H. pylori stool antigen test
    • Microbiology stool test
    • Candida antibody test
    • Stool FIT test for colon cancer screening
    • Celiac blood test
    • Optional add-on food sensitivity test (not included in package pricing)
  • 2 follow-up visits of 30 minutes each

*** Additional appointments, other tests and re-testing might be required depending on test results

Combination Health Program

* Inquire for pricing details

The Combination Health Program is a comprehensive program that addresses both hormone health and digestion health. It is designed for people who are looking to improve their overall well-being and who want to address specific concerns related to their hormones and digestion.

Details of the program includes everything in Hormone and Digestion Health Programs

*** Additional costs may apply for appointments, other tests if required

Barriers to Optimal Health Program

The individual nature of uncovering these barriers requires a unique plan of testing, protocols and follow-up visits, please inquire for pricing details.

Once digestion is functioning well and hormones are balanced, what comes next? For those feeling their best, maintenance plans and annual assessments can be scheduled. Individuals who still lack energy, have unexplained headaches, skin rashes, recurrent illnesses and infections or have difficulties with weight loss can dive deeper. Chronic conditions and genetic influences are considered root causes to a multitude of ailments.

Past or current exposures to mold such as living in a water damaged building can lead to mold illness. Tiny mycotoxins are released by mold and cause damage the nervous system, immune system, kidneys and some even increase the risk or lead to cancer. Mycotoxin loads on the body are evaluated by a urine test. Depending on the types and amounts of mycotoxins found, toxic mold illness can be treated. Herbal and pharmaceutical agents are used along with liver support, natural anti-inflammatories and anti-histamines, saunas and diets.

Heavy metal toxicity can also lead to chronic illness. Headaches, fatigue, anxiety, digestive disturbances that don’t resolve with common treatments and even hormonal imbalances can be due to an overload of metal in the body. Exposures can be obvious – lead paint, dental amalgams, exposures to pesticides such as living on or growing up on a farm or near a chemical plant. However, sometimes there are no known exposures but the body is unable to get rid of metals that are in the day to day environment. Heavy metals are tested with a urine provocation test using a chelating agent such as DMSA. This pharmaceutical binds to heavy metals in the tissues and escorts the metals out of the body through urine.  Heavy metal toxicity can be treated using chelation protocols.

Chronic infections, such as Lyme disease or Epstein-Barr virus also lead to an inability to obtain a sense of well-being. Chronic fatigue syndrome and sometimes fibromyalgia are examples of conditions that can have a root cause of a long-standing infection. Various tests are available to identify the presence of these disease-causing microorganisms so that specific anti-microbial protocols can be enacted.

Genetics and the field of epi-genetics will most likely be the future of medicine. Using raw genetic data extracted from saliva, medical genetic profiling programs can list off many qualities of functional and dysfunctional genes. Knowing which biochemical pathways need support to regulate, a specific blend of diet, vitamins, minerals and other supplements can be used to enhance function.  This type of testing is an incredible view into how the body runs and sometimes explains why the traditional methods of treatment aren’t as effective as they should.