Sample lab reports

The most effective treatment protocols can be determined when both symptoms and labs confirm a diagnosis. A first visit will determine the best tests to start with, some of which are run through Lifelabs and others through private labs in North America. Typical tests can be grouped depending on the area of concern. To view a sample report, please click on the test type below.


Advanced thyroid panel: TSH, T3, T4, Reverse T3, Anti-thyroglobulin and Anti-thyroperoxidase antibodies (Lifelabs)
Fasting insulin (Lifelabs)
Vitamin D (Lifelabs)
Salivary cortisol and adrenal profile
Complete dried urine sex hormones and adrenals
Saliva post-menopausal BHRT monitoring


SIBO breath test
Microbiology stool testing 
CandidaCandida antibodies
H. Pylori 
Comprehensive stool and digestive analysis with PCR testing for all micro-organisms
Food sensitivity testing, IgG 96 foods or IgG 184 foods

Other Advanced testing

Healthy Living Profile (cholesterol, liver, kidney, electrolytes, immune, inflammation, iron through Lifelabs)
Mycotoxin urine testing for mold illness
Organic Acid urine test
Micronutrient blood test (vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels)
Heavy Metal toxicity urine pre and post provocation tests
Cardiovascular risk blood profile
Genetic testing