Dr. Jennifer Luis ND

The truth about stomach acid levels

Recently, I was inspired to get the word out there that heartburn and indigestion do not equal high stomach acid levels.  That being said, I wrote an article that was recently published on-line (click here for article) detailing why these symptoms usually correspond to low stomach acid production.  In summary, we need stomach acid to digest protein and to turn on digestive enzymes lower down in the digestive system.  The other important signal our body receives is to close the lower esophageal sphincter when food arrives in the stomach so that food and acid cannot travel back up the esophagus (causing heartburn).  If acid levels are too low, the signal will not be present or will be weak and the opening to the stomach is left open resulting in heartburn.
Stress is a common cause for the development of low stomach acid, but the good news is with a few simple suggestions you can help your stomach lining to pump out more acid.  By simply drinking lemon water or diluted apple cider vinegar at the onset of a meal, your stomach will respond by gradually increasing its own production of acid.  Please read the full article here in order to fully appreciate the signs our bodies give us in order to make changes and fix ourselves.