Digestive Health Visit

First digestion visit
A thorough health history is very important to delve into. It matters if 20 years ago a person had a terrible food poisoning in Mexico – this could be the reason for IBS today. The most common cause to gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea is a microbial cause. To test the specifics, a SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) breath test and a microbiology stool test will be ordered. If H. pylori hasn’t been ruled out already, this might be added on. An at home baking soda test will also be given as homework to determine if stomach acid levels are normal. Rarely are food sensitivity tests the first approach to digestion, this may come later if necessary at all.

​Follow-up digestion visits
Results of the microbial tests are reviewed, diagnosed and treatment starts. This will involve supplements, sometimes prescriptions and sometimes short-term diets. Regular short appointments at regular 2-3 week intervals are very important during this phase to change protocols and evaluate response to treatment. The whole process can average about 2-3 months, with gradual relief of symptoms starting in the first 2 weeks. Some people will need annual check-ins and short cleanses to maintain good gut health, others may not.